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10 Drinks Perfect for a Baby Shower

Celebrating a mama to be? Well, we have to have some drinks! Of course mom can't have anything alcoholic, so that means it's time to get a little creative. Fortunately there's a world of tasty, beautiful, and downright fun baby shower drinks out there. Crack out those unbreakable cups - it's time for a shower-friendly beverage roundup.

Go Blue or Pink: This idea is a classic, and for good reason. Lean into whatever gender theme you have going on with bright blue or pink punches. We love these two recipes - they only have a few ingredients but the colors are so beautifully vivid. 

Sherbet Church Punch: Chances are you've had this at some point in your childhood. Trust us, it's just as good now as it was when you were a kid. Whip up a big batch to make everyone at the shower nostalgic. 

Sparkling Peach Punch: Planning a summer shower, or dreaming of sunnier days? This tea-based punch will put everyone in a bright, sunny mood. 

Cucumber Mint Limeade: This is one of those drinks that make you want to raise a pinky while you sip. The delicate flavors of cucumber and mint mix with bold citrus for a beverage that's sweet, fun, and refined. 

Maybe Margarita Punch: Okay, now we're getting into real mocktail territory. This Margarita-inspired punch has all the delicious flavors of your favorite taco night drink without the alcohol weighing it down.  

Vegan Virgin Mary: This mocktail hits two great demographics - it's both free of alcohol and completely vegan! It's the perfect addition to a classy brunch shower, or for any occasion where a bold drink is appropriate. 

Frosty Blush Spritzer: Gorgeously pink and blessedly easy to make, this frosty spritzer looks great in a glass. It's also easy to add a little extra "something" for guests who aren't as alcohol-averse as your mom-to-be.  

Baby Bellini: We can't get enough of peach flavors for baby showers! This sparklingly sweet drink looks gorgeous in a champagne flute and is the perfect way to toast any new mom.

Mini Cookie Milkshake: Boozy milkshakes may be fun, but we defy you to not be charmed by these adorable shower-friendly shakes. Made with non-alcoholic ingredients and garnished by the cutest itty-bitty cookies imaginable, they'll steal the show at your shower drinks table. 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Mocktail: Last but certainly not least, this drink is the perfect way to round out a star-themed baby shower. Light, tropical, and oh so cute with its star-shaped garnish, your mom-to-be (and all her guests) will love it. 

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