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10 Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Date

Spring is here - time to get out of the house! And what better way to enjoy some time outside than with your favorite person? Outdoor dates are cheap, fun, and easy. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to get you started.

Visit an Arboretum or Garden: What's more romantic than strolling through beautiful scenery with a beautiful guy or gal? Research gardens and arboretums in your area to see what's available. Don't forget to get some cute pics!

Have a Picnic: Grab your baskets and unbreakable cups: it's picnic time. Pack up your favorite cold foods (we like to do a little charcuterie when we're picnicking, but you do you) and pick out the perfect spot. Add in a bottle of wine and you're good to go.

Go on a Hike: Get back to nature, work up a sweat, and take in the views together. Whether you're both seasoned hikers or would rather take a stroll through a park, hiking is the perfect way to spend some quality time together. 

Have a Campfire: A cozy campfire is a dreamy way to end a romantic day. If you or your honey has a fire pit you're good to go. If not, look out for a spot in a local park. Cuddle up together under a blanket, watch the flames, and whatever you do don't forget the marshmallows. 

Walk a Dog: Check in with local shelters to see if they need volunteer dog walkers (the answer is almost certainly "yes!"). It's a perfect excuse to spend time together while also doing some good in your community - that's a win-win.

Go Picking: What are you picking? That's up to you. Berries, apples, tomatoes… whatever the season and your whims decide. Find a local U-pick operation and enjoy a sunny morning together. Bonus points if you follow up with a picnic featuring the fruits of your labor.

Rent a Boat: Do you canoe? If you or your date like to spend time on the water, take an opportunity to rent a boat together. Soak up the sun and the scenery without the hassle and cost of actually owning a boat.

Visit a Farmers Market: Take a dinner date to the next level by going to the source. Spend a morning looking around a local farmer's market. Pick out ingredients to make a meal together and support your local farmers. You never know what you'll come across at a farmer's market, which makes for an unpredictable and memorable time together. 

Hit the Beach: Grab your swimsuit and flip flops - it's beach time. A beach date gives you endless options for activity, and it also gives you the option to just chill out and get to know each other better. Don't forget the picnic... or the sunscreen.

Take a Drive: Spend a few hours together driving a scenic route. Even better: rent a convertible and really enjoy the open road. And the bonus round: work together to create the perfect road trip playlist. Don't forget the snacks!

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