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10 Winter At-Home Date Night Ideas

Think staying at home isn't all that romantic? Think again! It's time to move past Netflix and get creative with your at home date nights. These ten ideas are simple, romantic, and designed for winter: that means they can all be done indoors. Have fun!

Make a Meal: Work together to create a romantic, high quality meal. You'll bond over choosing a recipe, doing the prep work, and enjoying the delicious food you created together. You may even bond over doing all the dishes you're sure to rack up… or at least, that's the idea.

Make a Dessert: Dinner feeling a little too complex? Order some pizza and focus on creating something sweet. Bake some cookies, whip up a pie, or just add frosting and sprinkles to store bought cupcakes. Whatever you choose, it's making (and enjoying) it together that's important.

Have a Wine Tasting: Grab your unbreakable cups, pop open some bottles, and put on your snootiest wine snob voice. Take in the aromas and flavors of a few different wines and share what you observe. 

Do a Spa Night: The couple that relaxes together stays together. Soak your feet, put on a face mask, or give each other massages. The romantic possibilities are endless!

Clear the Clutter: Is cleaning out your closet considered romantic? Debatable. But will it have a positive impact on your life and relationship? Absolutely. Go through clutter in your home. Ditch what you don't need, reminisce over what's left. Add a glass of wine and some snacks and you have the perfect low key evening.

Break Out the Cards: How long has it been since you've played Go Fish? Too long. Time to fix that. Break out the cards and have a night of friendly competition with your sweetie. 

Share Your Favorite Movie: The best part of an at-home movie night is that you get to choose what's showing. Ask your partner to bring their favorite movie, and you do the same. Share what you love about each film with each other, and enjoy some great drinks while you watch. 

Learn to Dance: Dancing in public can be a little intimidating. Dancing at home, however, isn't so bad. Find a dance tutorial on YouTube and partner up! Be willing to laugh at yourself (and maybe supplement with a little liquid courage) and you'll have a grand old time. 

Go Camping: Time to awaken that inner child! Create a tent in the living room, turn down the lights, and make s'mores over the stove. Enjoy the fun of spending a night in the wilderness with all the conveniences of indoor plumbing.

Hop on a Museum Livestream: Many museums, aquariums, and zoos conduct livestreams of their facilities. Explore some of the best museums in the world together from the comfort of your home. Learn a little something about art, history, or the natural world and make memories that will last far beyond the season.

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