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13 Ways of Looking at Sangria

Want to keep your crowd happy? Put out a pitcher of Sangria and a stack of unbreakable wine cups. Sangria is a magical drink - full of flavor and endlessly customizable. Don't believe us? Here's just a smattering of what you can do with this amazing beverage.

  1. Classic Red Wine Sangria: It's simple, It's classy. It's fruity. It's delicious. You literally can't go wrong with this one. 

  1. Apple Rose Sangria: Seriously - who doesn't love rose? Pull some delicious fall flavors into this sparkling mixture for a sweet and summery drink.  

  1. Pina Colada Sangria: Want a pina colada without the work? Mix up a batch of this sangria and you're good to go. Just be careful not to get caught in the rain.  

  1. Spiced Sangria: Get ready for some drama. Between its rich color and spicy flavor, this sangria is sure to wow your guests. 

  1. Margarita Sangria: Can't choose between margaritas and sangria? Guess what: you don't have to. Get the best of both worlds with this delicious drink.  

  1. Strawberry Watermelon Sangria: If there were a contest for "most summery drink," this sangria would win. It's basically summer in a glass.  

  1. Sangria Popsicles: Who says sangria has to be sipped? Pour your mix into a popsicle mold for a whole new way to enjoy your favorite red or white. Just don't let the kids at them... 

  1. Mimosa Sangria: Sangria and brunch are a match made in heaven. Serve this mimosa inspired beverage with bagels and lox for the best girl's day ever. 

  1. Raspberry Mango Sangria: It's bright. It's fruity. It's tropical. It's easy to whip up on short notice. What's not to love?  

  1. Cucumber Herb Sangria: Looking to mix things up a bit? This cucumber herb sangria is understated, cooling, and perfect for a hazy summer day. It's like the water you'd get in a spa, but with wine. So in other words it's way better. 

  1. White Peach Sangria: Look at how pretty this one is! Light, bright, and absolutely gorgeous. Perfect for a balmy garden party.  

  1. Strawberry Lemonade Sangria: Here comes summer! Add a little wine to this classic flavor combination and you have the perfect addition to a hot day. 

  1. Red White and Blue Sangria: Feeling patriotic? Treat your Fourth of July guests to a red white and blue explosion. This one is easy to make in a big batch, so no matter how big your celebration is everyone can have a sip. 

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