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5 Cocktails to Make with Leftover Champagne from New Years

After the ball has dropped and all of your guests begin to leave, you look around to see that you are starting the new year with a messy house and a bunch of leftover champagne. Here are 5 classic cocktails that feature the traditional New Year’s beverage that are easy to make and will take the edge off of your resolutions.

Mimosa- The mimosa is not only a simple and classy cocktail; it’s a boozy brunch staple. The classic mimosa is 2 oz of orange juice (fresh-squeezed is ideal) and 4 oz champagne. The result is a sweet and invigorating glass of bubbling bliss. One way to enhance your mimosa experience is to freeze some champagne in an ice cube tray the night before and then add it to your mimosas the next day to keep your drinks cold without watering them down.

Bellini- Although this cocktail is traditionally made with prosecco, champagne is a fine substitute. This drink is as basic as it is delicious requiring only a couple of ingredients and a blender. You simply pour 4 oz of champagne into a glass and top it off with 2 oz of blended ripe peaches with the pits removed. The result is a sweet and tart fizzy delight. 

Champagne Punch- Did you have a blast entertaining friends and family on New Year’s Eve? Why not do it all again and make a large batch of this delicious sparkling cocktail. If you didn’t have fun entertaining, you can make it anyway and drink it by yourself on the couch. No judgement here. However you decide to enjoy it, you will start by pouring 2 parts champagne and 1 part club soda into a large serving bowl with some ice. From there, add some fruit like strawberries, peaches, and pineapple to the mix. Add some vermouth or brandy to both sweeten and strengthen the punch. There are many ways to make this one your own recipe by using your favorite fruits and liqueurs. 

Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon- Despite the morbid name, the drink itself is anything but. Created by literary master Ernest Hemingway, who clearly had a flair for the dramatic, this cocktail packs quite a punch. It is made by adding 1.5 oz of absinthe to 4 oz of champagne. For those who aren’t familiar with Absinthe, it is a green liquor with an intense floral flavor that is usually about 110 proof or more. You may want to use a Cruvina Unbreakable glass for this stiff, but well-balanced beverage. 

French 75- This cocktail was created during WWI and has stood up to the test of time. The French 75 was named after one of the weapons that helped win the war; the 75mm field gun. It is made by combining 2 oz dry gin, a teaspoon of sugar, and .5 oz of lemon juice before topping the glass off with 5 oz of champagne. While this drink has quite a bit of firepower, the taste is sweet and refined with a nice effervescence from the bubbly. 

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