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5 Common Party Mistakes to Avoid

Have you ever been to a party that's turned into a disaster? We have, and it's not pretty. Keep your next event memorable for the right reasons by avoiding these five common party mistakes.

  • Not Asking for an RSVP: So many of the most common party mistakes can be avoided if you have a clear idea of how many people will be attending your party. The solution is simple - ask for an RSVP! Simply relying on people to respond to an E-vite isn't enough. Check in with each person/couple/family you've invited to see if they'll be able to make it. Yes, it's more effort up front, but the work it will save you in the long run is more than worth it.
  • Not Having Enough Ice: There are two things that are guaranteed to bring your party to a screeching halt - running out of ice and running out of food. Ice is crucial to keeping your beverages tasting as they should (no one likes a lukewarm drink). Plan ahead by buying more ice than you need. It's cheap, it's easy to find, and if you buy too much you can keep the leftovers for a long time.
  • Not Considering Your Guests' Needs: Not all guests are created equal. Some will have different needs than others. Do you have any friends who are vegetarian or have food allergies? Make sure there's something for them to eat. Are any of your guests elderly or dealing with mobility issues? Make sure there's plenty of comfortable seating available. A little goes a long way to making sure everyone's having a great time.
  • Using the Wrong Kind of Cups: Drinks are what keeps a party going. Don't let things stall out due to the wrong kind of cups! Give your guests their drinks in unbreakable drinkware. Let's be real: no one likes drinking out of disposable cups. Use unbreakable glasses for a much more enjoyable experience. And as a bonus you'll never have to worry about scrambling after pieces of broken glass if (or when) a guest drops their drink.
  • Not Planning Your Space Well: Lay your space out well to make sure everyone can get what they need when they need it. Spread out your food and drink around your party area to avoid a pileup of hungry guests. Make sure there's plenty of seating, lots of flat surfaces that are safe to put food and drink on, and easy access to bathrooms and trash cans.

Happy hosting!

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