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5 Money Saving Party Hacks

Let's face it: hosting can be expensive! Even if you don't host often, the price of feeding and entertaining even a few guests can quickly add up. If your wallet is already wincing at the thought of your next big event, try some of these money saving party hacks on for size.

  1. Go Potluck: You can't go any easier on your wallet than asking your guests to contribute to dinner. Provide the drinks and the dessert, then ask everyone attending to bring their signature dish. If you're worried about ending up with five pans of baked ziti and no appetizers, ask different people to bring different types of foods. You'll get a chance to sample tastes you may not have tried before, and you may be surprised how happy your guests are to contribute.
  1. Double Down on Presentation: Not willing to drop lots of money on expensive party flatware, food, decorations, or favors? We don't blame you. Instead, focus on how you present each attribute. Set out disposable plates and forks on a tastefully decorated table (check out Pinterest for inexpensive decorating ideas). Serve simple appetizers from glass dishes or trays, and add a touch of garnish for a little extra flair. Look for simple ways to embellish and even the pickiest guest will be impressed.
  1. Say "Yes!" To Help: It's not always fun to admit that you could use a little help. But when it comes to hosting on a budget, you'd be amazed what you can get done with a few extra hands. Even if you're not going potluck, be open to guests bringing a salad or contributing to drinks or dessert. Let your friends help you decorate, do the dishes, or bring along their karaoke machine. Most people love to help. A party where no one person shoulders all the responsibility is a party that everyone can enjoy.
  1. Think About Ambience: Sure, you can drop a bunch of money on new decorations for your event, but when everyone goes home you'll be stuck with a bunch of stuff that no one really remembers anyway. Instead, focus in on subtle things that impact ambience. Lighting has a huge impact on an event. A few well-placed candles and table lamps can make an intimate party even cozier. A bonfire can liven up a backyard gathering. Choose a soundtrack that enhances your desired mood. Trust us: with the right atmosphere, no one is going to miss the crepe paper.
  1. Create a Signature Drink: Alcohol can be a huge expense for even the smallest get-together. Instead of trying to cater to everyone's tastes, choose a signature drink for the event. That way you'll only have to keep one type of alcohol and a few other ingredients on hand. Serve your drinks in high quality reusable cups to increase the class level without emptying your wallet.

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