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5 Unusual Holiday Party Treats

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire sound nice, but sometimes it's nice to get off the beaten path. Looking to jazz up your next holiday get together? Ditch the veggie plates and sugar cookies and serve your guests something a little more unusual. They'll definitely remember these unique holiday treats into the new year.

5 Unusual Holiday Party Treats

Baked Brie: It's hard to get more bang for your buck than with a baked brie. Combine cheese, puff pastry, and any mix-ins that strike your fancy. Bake and serve. It's that easy. Your guests will think you spent hours in the kitchen. Baked brie is a great accompaniment to traditional cracker and veggie plates. Your guests can choose the delivery method they prefer for all that gooey, cheesy goodness.

Baked Potato Station: What's nicer on a cold winter's night than a warm baked potato? A baked potato station gives your guests a variety of toppings and the freedom to concoct their ideal snack. It also gives you an inexpensive way to feed a lot of guests. Cook your potatoes before your guests arrive, and keep them in a clean cooler (a good one will keep them warm for 4 hours) until showtime. Cut them down the middle and set them out with plenty of toppings. Salt, pepper, butter, cheese, and sour cream are all good basics, but don't forget some more substantial additions. Taco meat, pulled pork, bacon, and pepperoni are great for meat lovers, while beans, grilled corn, and roasted red peppers will keep your vegetarian friends happy.

Flavored Monkey Bread: Monkey bread is sweet, easy to make, and a real crowd pleaser. The basic recipe involves combining packaged biscuit dough with sugar, butter, and spices in a bundt pan. From there you can experiment with your favorite holiday flavors. Eggnog, pecan pie, cinnamon roll, pumpkin… the options are endless.

Champagne Cocktail Bar: Nothing says "let's celebrate" like champagne. Take things a step further by creating a champagne cocktail bar. Set out unbreakable cups, a selection of sparkling wine and water, fresh berries, fruit juices, sugars, and bitters. Your guests can experiment to find the combination they like the best. Champagne bars are fun, keep your guests busy, and save you from having to supply a variety of alcohol types.

Cookie Decorating Table: Forget what we said before about ditching the sugar cookies. Set up a cookie decorating table to delight your guests of all ages. Include holiday shaped sugar cookies, several frosting colors, and loads of toppings. Set your guests loose and see what they can come up with. Include clear plastic gift bags and twist ties and your cookies can double as favors.

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