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6 Creative Kids Party Treats

One of the advantages of throwing a party for kids is that they tend to be satisfied with simple fare. Order a pizza, cut up some cake, and put out a bowl of chips and everyone will be happy. On the other hand, a kids party is a great excuse to try some less conventional nibbles. Give these creative treats a try to bring your upcoming party to the next level.

  1. Lunch on a Stick: A sandwich is boring. But put it on a stick and now you've got something. Cut up bite sized chunks of bread, sandwich meats, cheese, and vegetables. Assemble them on a kebab skewer and serve with dipping sauce.
  1. Fruit Tacos: Fruit usually gets passed up at kids parties, but what kid can resist a taco? Cut pieces of white bread into 4 inch rounds. Smear a line of peanut butter or jelly (or both!) down the center. Fill with fruit (berries, sliced banana, and diced apples all work nicely) and watch them disappear.
  1. Cookie Pops: What's better than a cookie? A cookie with a handy dandy dunking stick. Roll premade sugar cookie dough into one inch balls, roll in sprinkles, and stick a popsicle or lollipop stick into the top. Set out on a baking sheet and bake according to the package's directions. Don't forget to serve with milk in unbreakable cups!
  1. Ice Balls: This one requires a bit of special equipment, but if you host often it's worth it. Mix water and a few drops of food coloring, then freeze in a spherical ice cube tray. Place in bowls of punch or individual glasses to bring a little fun to any drink. Want to bring some flavor too? Switch out the water and food coloring for the contents of unfrozen ice pops.
  1. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels: Use this treat as an excuse to get creative with theme parties. Throwing a princess party? Dip pretzels in melted white chocolate and cover with rainbow sprinkles (for bonus points, use food dye to color your chocolate pink or purple). Throwing a wizard-themed party? Dip your pretzels in dark chocolate for magic wands. It's a simple snack, but the possibilities are endless.
  1. Make and Take Rice Krispie Treats: Okay, okay. So this one's a little messy, but it doubles as a favor so hear us out! Make up a big batch of Rice Krispie treat mix, and divvy it up into smaller bowls. Give each of your guests a bowl, then let them add whatever mix-ins you have available to their treats. We're talking m&ms, gummy bears, chopped oreos, peanut butter, sprinkles… or anything else you can think of! Help the kids press their creations into individual aluminum pans (easy to find at a dollar store), then pop them in the fridge for the rest of the party. Send them home as favors and you'll have a gaggle of happy kids.

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