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6 Creative Small Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Kids birthday parties don't have to have a crowd to be fun. In fact, there's something special about smaller gatherings that can make them infinitely more memorable. Of course, just because a party is small doesn't mean it'll come together without planning. Here are a few ideas to get you going towards a truly special party.

Take a Field Trip: Miss the sound of twenty screaming six year olds taking over your house? Can't say we relate. But what we can say is that there's a whole world of kids birthday parties outside your four walls. Smaller guest lists make it easier to take the party elsewhere. Think a bit about what your birthday kid is into, and go from there. Outside is good - think a trip to a farm with younger kids, or a go-kart course for an older crowd. Even getting together at a local park can be special, especially if there are plenty of balloons (and a few unbreakable cups…).

Jazz it Up: Staying at home for your party? Great! Time to decorate. Smaller parties are a little less of a hassle to plan, so why not put that extra energy into making a magical environment for your birthday kid? Next-level balloon art is a great place to start. Check Pinterest for ideas, or hire a local decorator if you really want to go all out. Personalized lawn signs can be a great way to let passers-by know that it's a special day. If all else fails, go nuts with the crepe paper - your kiddo will love the special touch. 

Go On a Hunt: A birthday scavenger hunt is a great way to get outside, have some fun, and make the day special. Create a checklist of things you might see around your neighborhood or in a local park, then get out there and start hunting. Never hurts to add a few birthday treats to the list. That way everyone can finish at the same time when you come together for cake and ice cream.

Make Camp: Backyard camping with a friend or two makes for a magical birthday event. Set up a tent, spread out some pillows and sleeping bags, and light up a fire for s'mores. Play games, tell stories, and just enjoy some quality time together. 

Have a Special Call: Would your birthday kid enjoy a special call from their favorite superhero? How about a real life princess? Birthday party entertainers are taking their skills to Zoom with special birthday calls. They can make a small birthday party feel huge, and add a little something extra to your little one's day.

Keep it Real: Small birthday parties create an opportunity to step back from busy schedules. It's an opportunity to focus on what's really important. No matter what you plan for your child's party this year, take some time to focus on what's most important: your relationship with the birthday boy or girl. Make a point to be present throughout the day, and to let your kiddo know how much you love them. More than anything else, your presence will make their day memorable. 

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