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6 Ways to Make a Long Distance Valentine's Day Special

Being away from your sweetie is hard. Being away from your sweetie on Valentine's Day is even harder. Even if you can't be together in person, though, there are still ways to celebrate the love you share. Don't let distance get you down - try a few of these ideas to create connection and romance with the person you love.

Watch the Sunrise Together: What's more romantic than watching a sunrise or sunset? Make a plan to get together over video chat when the sun goes up or down - if you're in a similar time zone, that is. If not, it may be time to get a little creative. Maybe take turns "being" with the other as the sun sets. Or, if your distance is really far, perhaps one person could watch the sun come up as the other watches it go down. If none of those options feel right, maybe it's time for a little moon gazing?

Learn Together: Grow your relationship and your brain. Read a book together and chat about it over a glass of wine. Take a free online class and discuss what you're learning about. Watch a documentary together and share your thoughts afterwards. It's a great way to learn a little more about the world and a little more about your partner.

Create a Glass of Your Favorite Memories: In the days leading up to Valentine's day, take some time to write down some favorite memories or a few things you love about your partner. Put them on separate slips of paper and drop them in a glass. Send the notes to your partner in time for the holiday - an unbreakable glass will make sure nothing breaks during shipping. Your partner will have something thoughtful and unique to make the holiday special, plus they'll have a new glass for whatever strikes their fancy.

Try a Remote Wine Tasting: Speaking of a new glass… who's ready for some wine? Come together over a video chat and enjoy a wine tasting together. Send each other a list of favorite wines and try them out together. Play with pairings (Valentine's Day is all about chocolate, after all), and share your thoughts.

Watch a Movie Together: Simple and sweet. Use an app or browser extension that lets you sync a movie or TV show with someone else. Choose a movie or two you both think you'd like, pop some popcorn, and get cozy. While it's not quite the same as being together, it's still a wonderful way to stay close.

Enlist the Help of Their Friends and Family: Okay. Time to pull out all the stops. Get a hold of the people in your partner's life - friends, roommates, family, coworkers, dog walker, whoever else you can think of. Ask for their help in setting up a surprise for your sweetie. We're talking scavenger hunt. We're talking day long gift extravaganza. We're talking big gesture here. The personal touch will make Valentine's Day feel that much more special, and is sure to be a memory that will last a lifetime.

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