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6 Ways to Throw a Low Waste Party

Ever look at your garbage can at the end of a party and think "what the heck?" Doesn't matter if you're hosting for kids or for adults - a party can drum up a lot of trash. So what's an eco-friendly host to do? Fear not! There are plenty of ways to enjoy all the fun without all the waste. 

6 Low Waste Party Planning Ideas

Send an Evite: While party invitations have trended online in the past decade, there are still plenty of hosts who rely on paper invitations. While that's nice for a formal occasion (we're not trying to talk you out of a paper invite for your wedding or anything), for most gatherings an e-vite is perfectly sufficient. Your guests will have all the information they need in an easily accessible format - no lost invitations - and there will be nothing to throw away after the event. 

Rethink Decorations: Sure, those little unicorn streamers are super cute, but let's be honest: when your kiddo's party is over they're probably going right into the trash. Or, if you're like us, they'll kick around in some tote for ten years and then end up in the trash. Break the cycle! Shop thrift stores or Etsy for reusable decorations. Instead of cardboard dinosaur cutouts, grab some dinosaur toys that'll bring the birthday kid joy during and after the party. Think long term and you'll skip a lot of waste.

See What You Can Borrow: The best way to reduce waste is to work with what you've got. Or, in this case, what your friends, family, and neighbors have. Do what you can to borrow the equipment you need instead of buying it new. Not only will this reduce waste, it'll also save you on party costs. 

Shop Local: Catering any event inevitably leads to waste. Think big plastic trays full of crudite or gigantic clamshells for baked goods. Instead of buying at big grocery chains, check out some of your local options. Small bakeries are far more likely to get you what you need without a lot of packaging waste. Or if you really want to go big, make your treats in your own kitchen.

Try a Make and Take: Favors are fun, but tend to come with tons of packaging. Instead of sending young guests home with a bag of toys, why not work a make and take into your party? Craft time gives your young guests something to enjoy that isn't running around your house screaming. Plus they'll end up with something to take home that won't create any garbage. Win-win.

Go Unbreakable: Why use disposable cups when you can use unbreakable glasses? Single use dinnerware creates tons of waste, and the quality is often low enough to severely diminish your ability to enjoy your food and drink. Opt for unbreakable, reusable cups to enjoy your favorite beverages in eco-friendly style. And if you host often, you'll end up saving money with reusable tableware. 

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