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7 Drinks to Spice Up Your Backyard Barbeque

The sun is shining, the grill is sizzling, those burgers look like they're just about ready to eat. You have a spatula in one hand, but what are you holding in the other? The right drink can take a barbeque from "good" to "bliss." So what are your guests drinking? If you're not sure, here are a few unbeatable ideas to get you started.

Lemonade or Iced Tea Bar: Lemonade and iced tea are two of the strongest flavors of summer. If you're serving a crowd, a lemonade or iced tea bar is the way to go. Make up a big batch of your preferred beverage (or if you're feeling frisky, make both), then set it out alongside unbreakable cups and plenty of mix-ins. Chunks of fresh fruit are a must, as are syrups to flavor your drinks, check out this site for a few recipes.

Infused Water: Keep hydrated on hot days by having plenty of water on hand for your guests. A pitcher of icy water is a good start, but take it up a notch by infusing it with fruits and herbs. Get inspiration from blogs, like this one, or make up your own unique combinations that complement the flavors of whatever you're grilling.

Big Batch Cocktail: Sipping cocktails is fun. Playing bartender while your friends relax isn't. Say no to individual drinks and whip up a big batch cocktail instead. Batch cocktails like the ones you'll find here are easy to make beforehand and are guaranteed to please a crowd.

Sangria: Speaking of big batch drinks… nothing says summer like sangria. With limitless combinations of wine, fruit, and other flavors, it's easy to make a pitcher that complements your meal. 

Popsicle Punch: Cocktails are nice if you're serving adults, but what if you have guests in the ten and under crowd? Stick a popsicle in a cup of punch and you'll make their day. Who wouldn't rather have a popsicle than an ice cube? Check out this recipe for punch that goes great with sugar on a stick

Watermelon Keg: Ready to wow your guests? Of course you are. That's why you're going to make a batch of punch inside a watermelon. It's a lot easier than you think, it tastes delicious, and it will absolutely be the centerpiece of your event. Don't believe us? Check out this how-to to learn more

Thai Iced Tea: Sweet, creamy, and absolutely decadent, Thai iced tea is the perfect way to cap off an outdoor meal. Mix authentic thai tea with condensed milk and ice for a treat that's equal parts refreshing and invigorating. Here's a full guide to making the perfect glass of thai tea.

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