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7 Fall Date Night Ideas

There's no time like autumn for cuddling up with your sweetie. Not sure how to best spend your time together? Give these fall date night ideas a try to make the most of this unique time of year.

  1. Bake Up a Storm: It's getting cold inside, so what's better than heating up the oven? Invite your sweetheart over to do a little baking. What you make is less important than the time you spend together, but if you're looking for a little inspiration check out this list of delicious delights.

  1. Go Apple Picking: You knew this one was coming, didn't you? It's the quintessential fall activity, and for good reason. You get to spend time outside in a beautiful orchard, you get adorable pictures, and you get to go home with a bag of apples to share. Enjoy the time together, and don't forget to pick up a quart of apple cider for when you get back home.

  1. Create A Costume: Planning on some spooky fun this Halloween? Why not have a costume making date night? Come up with a cute, quirky, or scary couples costume that'll make everyone else at the party jealous. Not the crafty type? Not a problem. Grab a coffee and walk arm in arm through the aisles of your local pop-up Halloween store. Maybe not the most romantic of vibes, but with the right partner it'll be unforgettable fun.

  1. Visit a Festival: Something about fall brings festivals out of the woodwork. Do a little research online to see if there's a harvest celebration nearby. Walk through it hand in hand, absorbing all of the festive fun. And of course, the best part of festivals is the food, so use it as an excuse to split all sorts of autumnal favorites. 

  1. Jump in the Leaves: If you or your date has a backyard, there are likely a bunch of leaves that need to be raked. Use this as a time to kill two birds with one stone. Work together to rake up the mess, then get some amazing pictures jumping into the pile. Enjoy the fun, then head inside for a warm cup of coffee… or maybe a little hot apple pie? Try this recipe!

  1. Throw a Puzzle Night: If you've been sleeping on jigsaw puzzles, it's time to wake up. Puzzles require a little creativity, a little cooperation, and a lot of communication. They're also a fun and satisfying way to spend a cozy evening with someone you love. Pour a little wine into your unbreakable cups, pop open a 500 piecer, and go to town. Having something else to focus on can help both of you let your guards down, leading to conversations that might not happen any other way. 

  1. Get Out of Town: Doesn't matter if it's your first trip together or your fortieth: taking a weekend away during the fall is the ultimate in cozy connection. Book an AirBnB, enjoy a scenic drive, and indulge in a slow, comfortable couple of days. Play tourist, eat everything in sight, or just stay in and enjoy each other's company. No matter how you do it, it'll be a weekend you'll never forget.

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