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7 Graduation Party Tips

Do you have a graduate you're itching to celebrate? Now's the time! A graduation party is a fun and loving way to honor your high school senior. But is it possible to plan a party your grad will love without stressing yourself out in the process? Of course! Follow these tips for an effortless graduation party.

Talk to Your Graduate: Do this before anything else. What is your grad looking for in a party? An energetic bash with most of her graduating class? A low-key get together with family and a few close friends? The party is all about your grad, after all, so get their opinion before going any further.

Pick a Strategic Date: The weekends around graduation are usually packed with parties. Try planning yours a little further out to avoid the crunch. People are usually back in school mode by the time August rolls around, but there's no reason not to throw your event in July. Of course, if you have family flying in to celebrate you may be more restricted in your timing, but don't be afraid to mix it up if you have the flexibility.

Create Formal Invitations: While you can get away with an Evite for most occasions these days, a graduation party is well worth a formal invitation. Use an online service for an affordable way to design and print an invitation featuring your grad. Send them out early, and don't forget to include info for RSVPs.

Have an Activity: Your grad may be almost grown up, but that doesn't mean they're not a kid at heart. Have something available for them to do. A trivia game about the grad will be a big hit (don't forget prizes!), or a photo booth where your grad can create momentos with their friends.

Serve Smart: It's no secret that things can get a little goofy when you get lots of teenagers in one place. If you plan to have food and drinks at your party, be smart about how you serve them. Try unbreakable glasses to serve drinks safely without resorting to disposable plastic cups.

Embrace the Sentimentality: This could very well be the last party you throw for your child. It's okay to be a little sentimental. Now's the perfect time to whip out those baby pictures and create a collage of how your kiddo has grown. Check Pinterest for hundreds of creative ways to display photos to make your walk down memory lane as decorative as it is sentimental.

Double Up: Is your grad graduating with a best friend? Why not celebrate together? Talk with the grads and their parents to see if they'd be interested in a joint graduation party. You'll have a chance to share the expense, which is particularly helpful if you're renting a venue. It also gives your grad a chance to make a lasting memory as they transition into the next chapter of their lives.

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