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8 Backyard Party Games

Summer's just about here, and with it a chance to get together outside with the people you love. So what are you going to do? While eating and drinking are a given, backyard party games can take your get together from "good" to "unforgettable." Whether you're buying special equipment or going DIY, anyone can put together something to keep your guests having fun. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

  1. Cornhole: Cornhole is a classic for a reason. It's easy to understand the rules, it's simple enough that almost any age can play, and you only need one hand to take a shot (leaving the other free for drink-holding). Invest in a pre-made board, or if you're handy make one of your own.

  1. Hula Hoop Croquet: What's classier than a quaint game of croquet while waiting for the burgers to cook? If you have a croquet set at your disposal, you're golden. If you don't, try this hula hoop croquet DIY - it's perfect for parties with multiple ages. 

  1. Limbo: Who's ready to throw out their back!? We kid, we kid. Limbo is one of the simplest games you can set up in your backyard. Just grab a stick, cue up some music, and go to town. 

  1. Lawn Twister: Twister is one of those games guaranteed to get your guests laughing. And if you're playing in the backyard you can do it on a grand scale. Check out this tutorial for creating your own backyard Twister board. Trust us: it's a lot more fun than trying to spread one of those plastic mats out on your lawn. 

  1. Water Balloon Fight: On a hot day age doesn't matter - anyone can get into a water balloon fight. Plan ahead by having plenty of pre-filled balloons on hand. Shop for self-sealing balloons to get tons of ammo ready in a jiffy. Divide your guests into teams for the battle, or just, y'know, have at it!

  1. Backyard Scrabble: Have you ever seen those giant chess sets? Turns out you can do the same thing with Scrabble. Make a gigantic backyard Scrabble board using these instructions and invite your guests to see who can come up with the highest scoring word. 

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Do you have some kids who need to keep busy? Send them on a scavenger hunt. Use a printable like this one to guide them through what they can find in the backyard. Give everyone who finishes a prize, and maybe save something special for whoever finishes first. 

  1. Wine Tasting: Do you have a group of guests who aren't interested in running around? Why not set out a wine tasting for them? Put out a few bottles of wine, hand each guest an unbreakable glass, and get to tasting. Depending on your vibe you can have a serious tasting, or just get a little silly with it. Either way there's wine, so everyone will be happy.

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