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8 Gifts for Someone Moving Into their First Apartment

No matter what age it happens, moving into a first apartment is a big deal. If you're gifting for someone who has never lived on their own before, you're in luck - there are tons of useful and thoughtful options out there. Here are eight of our absolute favorites. 

Unbreakable Glasses: Everyone's gotta drink, right? Whether your giftee uses them for water or wine, juice or sangria, a set of unbreakable glasses are sure to be welcomed. They'll look great sitting in the cabinet, and since they won't shatter there are no worries about your recipient moving on to their next place with an incomplete set.

Tool Kit: A set of simple hand tools is invaluable no matter where you live. Pick out a small variety of screwdrivers, a hammer, an allen wrench set, and anything else you think might be helpful in a new place. Or save yourself some work and pick out a pre-made kit. Wrap it up in a tool box and they'll be sure to thank you down the road.

Cleaning Caddy: Same concept as the tool box - pull together a collection of supplies that your recipient might not have yet. Sprays, sponges, cleaning gloves, dish soap… put them all together in a handy caddy so they're organized when a mess inevitably strikes. 

Starter Knife Set: A move to a new apartment is a great time to pick up some cooking skills. Set your giftee off right by equipping them with some knives. There's no need to get super fancy here - a set of three or four basic blades will cover a huge variety of situations. Make sure you include a way to store them as a part of your gift to make sure they stay in cutting shape.

Command Strips: There's nothing more valuable to an apartment dweller than command strips. Whether they're stuck to hooks or the back of posters, they make it easy to keep a rented space in great shape.

Extension Cords: It doesn't matter what the situation is: there are never enough extension cords. Never. Pick up a few at your hardware store, bundle them together like a bouquet, and present them at a housewarming party. Trust us - everyone in the room will be jealous. 

Folding TV Tray Set: A nice wooden TV tray set will give your giftee added space for serving guests. Folding TV trays are easy to move around and store, making them perfect for small living spaces. They'll also come in handy if your recipient makes the leap into hosting. Maybe you even want to pick up a set for yourself…

Storage Ottoman: Last but not least, a storage ottoman is a gift that kills two birds with one stone. Not only does it create an attractive option for storage, it can also double as added seating if your giftee needs it. Pick one that has a neutral color scheme and it'll complement any apartment.

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