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8 Offbeat Small Dinner Party Ideas

Hosting smaller gatherings these days? Great! A party doesn't have to be big to be fun. And a smaller guest list gives you a chance to get so much more creative in how you approach your party. Here are eight offbeat dinner party themes that are perfect for small gatherings. Load up your plate, spread out, and have a great time.

Dumpling Dinner - Steamed or fried, shrimp or pork, dumplings don't have to just be a side dish. Make them the star of the show with a dumpling dinner party. Make your own or order out, just be sure to have chopsticks and plenty of dipping sauces.

Taco Bar - Who cares if it isn't Tuesday? Load up your plates with your favorite taco fixings. Set out different wraps, protein options, and toppings and let your guests go nuts. And whatever you do, don't forget the margaritas.

Wine and Cheese Party - Grab your unbreakable glasses - it's time for some wine. And some cheese too, and maybe some crackers… or fruit… or chocolate… Heck, just put together a charcuterie board, pour the wine, and have a great time. 

Make Your Own Pizza - Come on, who doesn't love pizza? Depending on your crowd, make a couple of big pizzas with different toppings on each half, or let each guest make their own cheesy masterpiece. Serve with wine, beer, or soda based cocktails.

Breakfast for Dinner - Warm, cozy, and endlessly flexible, breakfast food is always a crowd pleaser. And there are so many places you can go with it! Eggs to order, omletes, piles of pancakes, croissant sandwiches… your menu is limited only by your creativity.

BBQ - Time to fire up the grill! Keep it simple with a round of cheeseburgers, or pull out all the meaty stops with chicken, steak, or seafood. Add in a few picnic sides and you've got your menu. As a bonus, gathering around the grill is a great way to see people you love while enjoying the great outdoors.

Little Bites: Feeling fancy? Cook up or order in some appetizers. Lean in to the "little" theme with mini quiches, tiny pizzas, and sliders. Add in some crudite, a cheese board, and a dessert plate (who's up for some tiny cheesecake?) and you'll have some satisfied guests.

Cookoff - Just because you're hosting doesn't mean you need to do all the work. Spread the fun around by challenging your guests to a cookoff. Pick a food theme and have your guests bring their best example. Chili or mac and cheese is a great place to start, but pretty much any food that can be cooked beforehand and brought to your home is eligible. Depending on how competitive your group of guests is you can award a prize for the food voted the best, or just enjoy everyone's cooking in good company.

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