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Baby Showers - 6 Tips to Host Right

Planning a baby shower can be daunting. You want your mom-to-be to feel special and celebrated, but you want to make sure your guests are having a great time too. Use these 6 tips to help you find balance and host a party that everyone can enjoy.

Time it Right: You want to have your baby shower when your mom-to-be is far enough along to have a bump (and a good idea of what she wants for gifts), but not so far along that she risks going into labor before the big event. The end of her second trimester or the beginning of her third is a good sweet spot. She'll be glowing, but not so tired that she can't enjoy her special day.

Curate Your Guest List: Do you want your party to be a big affair, or just for close family and friends? Are you thinking you'll make it girls-only, or will the fellas be welcome too? In some cases "the more the merrier" is a legitimate strategy, but in others it can lead to an overlong event and an exhausted mama. Take some time to go through your guest list and really think about who you're inviting.

Consider a Drop In Party: Baby showers are notorious for running long, particularly if you have a large guest list and lots of presents. Throwing a drop-in style event can help address this problem. Guests can stop by as they're able, dote on the mom-to-be, enjoy a snack or two, and leave a gift. Things will move along more smoothly, and you won't have dozens of guests twiddling their thumbs while mom opens up yet another diaper genie.  

Keep the Games Low Pressure: Let's face it: baby shower games can get a little goofy. While it might sound fun to make your guests sample baby food, many baby shower games can get awkward fast. Keep things low key with games everyone can enjoy. Consider asking your guests to each bring a baby picture, set them up on a board, and play a matching game of which guest belongs to each picture. 

Serve Real Food: The bigger the shower, the longer it will run, and the hungrier your guests will be. Don't skimp on the food! A buffet with lots of finger food options will make sure everyone has something they like. Serve drinks in break proof cups to avoid party fouls, especially if you have younger guests in attendance.

Assign a Secretary: Opening gifts can get overwhelming. Make sure no one gets lost in the shuffle by designating a gift secretary. Give them a pen and a pad of paper so they can write down who gave which gift. If you have young guests in attendance, ask them to pick up any stray wrapping paper. They'll like having the responsibility, and you'll have less mess to deal with once the party is over.

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