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Colorful Cocktails to Fight the Winter Blues

How's the weather where you're at? If words like "dark," "snowy," "gray," or "depressing" spring to mind, have we got a list for you. Time to break out the unbreakable cups and call up your friends - we're going to brighten this place up a bit. Test out some of these colorful drinks to make it feel like summer all year round.

Tequila Sunrise: Life seems to have a way of keeping us at home instead of at the beach, doesn't it? Reclaim a little bit of relaxation with a tequila sunrise. Sweet, citrusy, and featuring a gorgeous gradient, you'll almost feel like you're watching the sun come up with your toes in the sand. Check out this recipe to get started.

Paloma: A tequila sunrise may transport you to summer, but if you prefer early spring then it's time for a paloma. Its bright taste and delicate pink color will bring you back to your favorite garden party. 

Blue Lagoon: Anything that features blue curacao is going to give you incredible color. We're recommending the Blue Lagoon because it's simple to mix together and doesn't require any ingredients that might be tough to source during the winter. 

Grasshopper: If you're looking to indulge a bit, mix up a grasshopper. This decadent cocktail is a dreamy light green and is perfect for an after dinner treat.

Sea Breeze: When you have a crowd of color-starved guests, there's nothing to brighten up the place like a sea breeze. Not only does it taste like summer in a cup, its bright red color is hard to miss. It's easy to mix up a big bowl to keep everyone feeling breezy all night long. 

El Diablo: Who's ready for some drama? The El Diablo features crème de cassis, a blackcurrant liqueur. Mix it with tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer and you have a cocktail that's as spicy as it is dark red.

Galaxy Cocktail: Ready to really wow your guests? Time for a galaxy cocktail. Just by looking at this drink you can tell it was made for Instagram. Check out the link for several different takes on this gorgeous beverage, and make sure to snap a few pics if you make one.

Tiffany Mimosa: Let's wrap this list up with a brunch-friendly beverage. The Tiffany mimosa features the return of our old friend blue curacao. Bright blue and bubbly, it's the perfect way to brighten up the table on your next Galentine's Day brunch. 

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