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Easy Appetizers for Effortless Hosting

Love to host but short on time? We feel you. That's why we've put together this list of low prep appetizers. They're easy, won't mess up your kitchen, and will get you mingling in no time.

Texas Caviar: Take chips and salsa up a notch with Texas Caviar. This recipe has a few ingredients that are easy to throw together and put out. Serve with chips, vegetables, or as a topper for fish. 

Apricot Canapes: Super simple, super sweet, and super savory. These apricot canapes combine flavors and textures for an unforgettable treat. Serve with a Malbec and you're good to go. 

Sweet Potato Bites: All the deliciousness of a sweet potato casserole at a fraction of the work (and mess). Sweet potato, marshmallow, and pecan combine for an appetizer fit for the holidays… or any other time of the year 

Strawberry Salsa: What's better than serving something unexpected? Serving something that's unexpected and easy. Strawberry salsa combines sweet with a little kick. It's perfect for serving with chips, or for dressing chicken or pork: 

Champagne Jello Shots: These jiggling treats burst with flavor and are a breeze to whip up. A perfect way to start or end a celebration. 

Antipasto Skewers: Chop up some veg, fold up some meat, and slide it onto a skewer. Done. Use the delicious combination of olives, meats, cheeses, and vegetables from this recipe, or get creative and make your own skewer from what you have on hand. 

Mix and Match Crostini Board: This recipe is a great way to make use of what you have on hand. Crackers, crostini, jams, spreads, and cheese come together for a sweet and savory board. 

Basil Walnut Spread: It's easy and it's a great use for any extra basil you may have lying around. Put it next to your crostini board - it goes perfectly with crackers. 

Sun-Dried Tomato Rollups: These pinwheel-style appetizers are colorful, flavorful, and a cinch to put together. Just mix a few ingredients, spread on a tortilla, roll it up, cut, and serve. 

Stuffed Vegetables: Simple, crunchy, and easy to pick up - stuffed vegetables are a quick way to fill out your appetizer table. Whether you're stuffing celery (like in this recipe), tomatoes, mushrooms, or mini peppers, stuffed vegetables are a versatile and easy way to go.

Whatever You Can Find in the Freezer: Okay, we're not here to judge. If you don't want to spend time hand making appetizers, don't do it! Pick up some pre-made goodies, stick them in the oven, grab a glass of wine, and go join the crowd. Give your guests what they want - you!

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