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How to Plan a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is a great option, but it is hard to beat the privacy and comfort of your own home, especially when you are sharing it with someone you love. With this guide, you will be wooing that special someone without breaking the bank or battling crowds of people while waiting for a table at a packed restaurant.

Step 1: Setting the Scene

While adorning your apartment with cherubs, hearts, and roses at every turn may be tempting, just know that there is a fine line between festive and frightening. That being said, there are a few simple things that you can do to make the evening special and show your date how much you care.

Now is the perfect time to break out “the good dishes” and set the table with a nice tablecloth and cloth napkins. By doing this, you are showing your significant other that they are important. Whether you have been together for a week or 30 years, this is a simple gesture that reinforces your feelings for that person. Lighting should be soft, and candles and flowers on the table are great ways to increase the romance factor.

Step: 2: The Menu

Whether you are an accomplished chef or clueless in the kitchen, a home-cooked meal is a labor of love. Whatever you decide to make, be sure that it is within your skill level. Pasta dishes are usually a simple, yet tasty way to go. However, talking it over with your partner is the best route since you are doing this with them in mind.

If you are on the less experienced side, cooking up a tasty dish that you know is one of their favorites that you have made before is an excellent choice. If you are more skilled, or more adventurous, trying out a new recipe could be a lot of fun. You can even have your partner help out if they are interested.

If your rack of lamb doesn’t turn out exactly like Gordon Ramsey’s, at least you and your partner will have created a fun memory together. Also, pizza places are open on Valentine’s Day if worse comes to worst.

Step 3: The Big Event

Once you have transformed your home into a romantic getaway for two with your beautifully set table and the aroma of the wonderful meal you have lovingly prepared, the final step is to enjoy it. Pour a couple glasses from that bottle of wine you have been saving but be sure to use a Cruvina unbreakable wine glass. Don’t spoil the mood with broken glass and a ruined tablecloth.

During dinner, don’t fall into the things you usually discuss. Keep the focus on this special day. Avoid topics such as work or whatever is happening in the news. Instead, spend this time reflecting on your relationship, retelling funny stories and reminding your special someone about what makes them so special to you.

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