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How to Plan a Virtual Craft Night

Just because you're not together with your girls this Galentine's Day doesn't mean you can't share in some fun. And what better way to celebrate your favorite ladies than by getting a little crafty? A virtual craft night lets you get your creative juices flowing while connecting with the women you love most. Here's everything you need to know to organize a virtual craft night.

Pick a Platform: There's so many of them these days, right? Zoom is a classic, but maybe you and your friends prefer Google Hangouts, Facebook, or any of the dozens of other options available. Choose a platform you know your friends are familiar with, and stay away from the ones most likely to give you flashbacks to endless office meetings. 

Pick a Snack: No one likes a hangry crafter. Challenge your friends to bring a little something to snack on to the party. Maybe it's a glass of wine or a fruity drink. Maybe it's a sweet treat or a bowl of something salty and crunchy. Pick a theme for your friends to match, or just bring whatever you want. 

Pick a Topic: Let's face it: virtual conversations can get a little awkward. Having a couple of ideas in the back of your head to keep things flowing can be a lifesaver if the conversation dies down. Now we're not suggesting going around the circle and doing ice-breaker style questions (though if that's your thing, go for it!). Just some general questions. "What are you watching on Netflix?" might be all it takes to get things moving again. 

Pick a Time: Don't underestimate the importance of timing. Choose a window where your guests are most likely to have time and least likely to be distracted. And don't overlook your end time either! A one to two hour window will give you enough space to connect without the night dragging on too long. 

Pick a Craft: You're organizing a craft night. Great! So what are you going to do? You want a craft that's simple enough for everyone to complete, as well as something that's not going to take more than an hour or two to finish. Avoid anything that requires specific tools (sorry Cricut fans), unless you're sure everyone in your group has one. You'll also want to decide if you'll be distributing supplies as part of the party. If everyone you're hosting lives nearby, you can create supply packs and hand them out. If not, you'll want to make sure your craft uses supplies that are easy to get.

Our recommendation? Do a wine glass painting night! Start with a set of unbreakable wine glasses and fill them with paints, paintbrushes, and stencils. Drop them off to everyone in your party the night before. There are plenty of ideas online to give you some inspiration: here's one that's perfect for Galentine's Day.

That's all there is to it! Get crafty and have fun. 

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