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How to Throw an Apple Picking Party

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an apple orchard? It's the perfect place for party guests to play. If you're celebrating a birthday around the same time apples ripen, an apple harvesting party is the perfect way to celebrate. Here's everything you need to pull it off in style!

  1. Find an Orchard: Search online to find orchards in your area. When you find a likely location, give them a call. Ask about their policies for bringing larger groups, as well as if they allow outside food and drink. Use this information to plan the size of your guest list and menu. You may be able to host the whole party on location, or you may decide to take the party home after you pick a peck or two.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Location: Does your orchard offer anything besides apple picking? Maybe a tractor ride or a corn maze? Ask to see if they offer special group pricing, or if you can buy tickets for your guests ahead of time. 

  1. Get to Pickin': Here's the fun part - apple picking! Let your young guests run wild (while following orchard rules, of course). Pick apples. Play tag among the trees. Play hide and seek. Get climbing (if that's okay). Run around, giggle, get some great pictures, and have a blast. That's the best part of apple orchard parties - the fun takes care of itself. Hosting at home instead of the orchard? No problem. Try classic games like bobbing for apples. Or try Apples to Apples, a kid friendly card game great for large groups. 

  1. Add Some Snacks: If you're partying at an orchard, chances are good the snacks will be there for you. There's nothing better than biting into a freshly picked apple. Offer your guests a few other nibbles from the orchard (apple cider donuts, anyone?), or move the party home for a more robust buffet. Who could say no to these apple cinnamon cupcakes, or maybe a caramel apple bar? 

  1. Take a Sip: Apple themed drinks are the name of the game here. Hand out unbreakable cups and fill them up with fresh apple cider. If your crowd skews really young, try apple juice instead. And if you have some grownups at your event, try pouring a bit of this caramel apple sangria once you're back home 

  1. Send Home a Little Love: One of the best things about apple picking is you already have something to send home with your guests. Pack up a few pounds of apples per person into paper bags. For bonus points, throw in a caramel apple kit. While their dentist might not approve, it's a sure way to keep all your young guests smiling. 

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