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How to Throw an Egg Hunt Party

Are you planning an egg hunt party this spring? Whether you're celebrating Easter or just looking for an excuse to get out there and enjoy the weather, an egg hunt party can be fun for any age. Here are a few tips to make your planning as smooth and simple as possible.

Find a Workable Date and Time: While egg hunts are traditionally associated with Easter morning, don't feel constrained to that day and time. In fact, it may make more sense to choose another day. If the people in your circle tend to spend Easter with family, try scheduling your hunt on a weekend afternoon instead. There's no right or wrong here: choose a time that works for you and your crowd.

Pick a Spot: Do you have a nice, dry, grassy backyard? Great! You have a lovely spot for an egg hunt! Do you not have a nice, dry, grassy backyard? Great! You can join the rest of us in finding a public or unconventional space for hunting. Meet up at a local park or playground, pick out a spot on a local nature trail, or just plan to gather in someone's living room. Again, there's no right or wrong when it comes to egg hunts.

Know Your Audience: Holiday parties tend to include a wide range of age and interests. A gaggle of little kids will be interested in something different than a group filled with guests of all ages. Your middle school guests may feel they're too old for a traditional egg hunt, while your high school guests may surprise you in their willingness to join in on the fun. If you suspect members of your gathering may not want to hunt for eggs, consider setting up another activity to keep them involved with the action.

Prep Your Eggs: How you prep your eggs is a matter of personal taste and interests. Do you like dying eggs? Great! Would you rather fill plastic eggs? Awesome! Do you prefer baskets? Sounds good! The fun is in the hunt, so don't stress about what exactly it is you're hiding.

Plan Some Snacks: Who doesn't love Easter snacks? Of course, chocolate tends to be the MVP for this particular event, but there's no reason you can't whip up some cute finger foods as well. We LOVE these Peep kabobs  - they're the perfect combo of nourishing and whimsical. 

Serve Up Some Drinks: And what celebration would be complete without something to drink? This is definitely a situation for unbreakable glasses. Trust us: once the hunt is on those elbows will start flying, and nothing ruins a party like having to hunt for shards of broken glass instead of chocolate filled eggs. As for what's in those cups, reach for something bright, sweet, and pastel. We recommend this strawberry rhubarb punch. It's equal parts sweet and puckery - just right for using up those springtime fruits. 

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