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How to Throw an Outdoor Movie Party

Movie night, anyone? When the weather is nice, an outdoor movie night is the ultimate way to entertain a crowd. Whether you're working with littles or planning a cozy adults-only gathering, showing a movie in your backyard will have everyone smiling. Here are a few tips to make sure your night goes off without a hitch.

Pick a Film: This first step will probably take you the most amount of time, and that's not a bad thing. If you're planning an all-ages get-together you'll want to choose something that's accessible to kids while being entertaining for adults. Our all-time favorite here is The Princess Bride, but there's a world of great family-friendly entertainment out there (this list from Rotten Tomatoes is a perfect place to start) If your guests trend older, try a newer release or a favorite from your younger years. 

Get Your Gear: This step may be a little trickier than you'd think. At first glance you might think that setting up your screen and projector is the hardest part, but technology has come a long way. A big white sheet on the side of the garage and a mini projector is all you need for a great picture. No, where the trouble really comes is getting great quality sound. Speakers that seem perfectly adequate inside during the day are easily drowned out by ambient noise when you're outside at night. Do a sound check before your guests arrive. If your ears aren't hurting a bit at the highest volume, you may need to find a more robust system.

Make it Comfy: Your guests are going to be sitting for an hour or two, so make sure they're comfy while they're doing it. Kids are easy - just put a blanket down and a few outdoor pillows and they'll happily lounge away. Adults are a little harder. While the young (and young at heart) will be happy on the ground, most would be thankful for a more supportive solution. Camp chairs are the MVP in this situation. Dust off your collection, or make it a BYOS (bring your own seat) event. 

Grab Some Snacks: What's a move without some snacks? Popcorn is the obvious choice here. If you want to get fancy, consider renting or buying a classic popcorn machine. Or get creative with flavors - this blog has some great ideas. Now that you have salty covered, time to look to sweet. Grab boxes of classic movie theater candy (we'll have milk duds, thanks), or set out a few bowls of treats and let your guests choose their own adventure. 

Pour a Drink: Unbreakable cups are a godsend for outdoor movie nights. With everyone moving around so much, spills are almost inevitable. As for what you put in those cups, let your guests guide you. Kids are going to love cola, while adults will probably enjoy a wine and beer selection. Whatever you choose, keep it simple - that means you'll have a chance to kick back and enjoy the show too.

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