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Pretty in Pink: Our 9 Favorite Strawberry Drinks

Nothing says "Spring is here" like sipping on a strawberry beverage. Not only is this sweet little berry delicious, it makes drinks that are perfectly pink (especially when sipped from an unbreakable glass). Here are our favorite cocktails (and mocktails) that feature this fabulous fruit.

Strawberry Daiquiri:  This one is a classic, and for a very good reason. If you have some guests in the 21 and under crowd, it's easy to sub out the rum for an alcohol-free beverage. Learn how in this recipe.

Cherub's Cup: We think this adorable little cocktail would look incredible in an unbreakable cup. It's also incredibly easy to put together. Size up to make cocktails for a crowd, or make two for a romantic addition to a couple's night in.  

Champagne Bowler: You know, there really aren't enough cocktails out there that make good use of cognac. The champagne bowler is here to change that. A mix of strawberry, sparkling wine, and cognac, this cocktail is delightfully sweet and bubbly.  

Love Potion No. 9: Who doesn't love a little ice cream in their cocktail? Love Potion No. 9 may not be quite as effective as the song it's named after, but it's still a perfect sip on a late spring day.  

Frozen Rose: Affectionately referred to as "frose," this combo of wine, strawberries, and honey is a cool and icy treat. Another great one to size up for hosting too - just add another bottle of rose and some more strawberries and you're ready for a crowd.   

Strawberry Mocktail: This mocktail doesn't need alcohol to taste complex and delicious. Strawberry and mint steal the show, but lime and sparkling water add a touch of liveliness that'll keep any sipper happy.  

Strawberry Watermelon Slush: Here's a cupful that screams "summer." This all-ages beverage mixes fresh watermelon juice, strawberries, and a few more ingredients for a gorgeously frosty experience.  

Spiked Pink Lady: We like this one both for how it looks (gorgeous) and how flexible it is. Make a big batch with vodka in it to please an adults-only crowd. Make a big batch with lemon-lime soda for a kid-friendly drink (wouldn't it fit in beautifully with a princess birthday theme?). Or let your guests choose their own adventure. Whatever they choose, their drink will be delicious.  

Strawberry Milkshake: We're saving the best for last here. Enjoy this classic drink when the strawberries ripen to welcome summer in style. Don't forget the whipped cream! 

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