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Sleepover Party Ideas for Kids and Tweens

Slumber parties can be a memorable night of nonstop fun for kids and tweens. However, without good planning they can create a lasting headache for moms and dads. Planning a sleepover? Try one of these ideas to keep your guests happy, occupied, and having a blast.

- Movie Night: Movie night is fun, engaging, and requires very little effort to pull off. Ask your child to pick out a few of their favorite movies. Rent or stream your picks on a television in your living room. Spread out pillows, couch cushions, or air mattresses on the floor to create a comfortable viewing area. Finally, don't forget the snacks! Popcorn is a movie night classic. Consider setting up a popcorn bar where kids can add in their favorite flavors. Boxes of candy and soda served in shatterproof cups (important when sitting on the floor) are a great way to round out your movie night offerings.

- Indoor Camping: Kids love camping, but most parents could do without the setup (and the bugs). Camping indoors is an easier alternative that's just as much fun. Lay out sleeping bags or make a giant blanket fort tent. Enjoy indoor camping activities like making s'mores, having a picnic, and telling ghost stories. If the weather is favorable, spend some time outside before turning in for the night. Light a campfire or look at the stars. Or even better, just let the kids tire themselves out playing tag.

- Spa Night: Older tweens will love having a DIY spa sleepover. Offer spa beverages like cucumber infused water or iced tea. Set up different stations, including foot soaks, facial masks, nail polish, and makeup. For a little added glam, set out fuzzy slippers, robes, or eye masks for each of your guests. Dainty spa foods like cookies, finger sandwiches, and fruit will keep hungry tweens satisfied as they enjoy an evening of relaxation. 

- Dance Party: Got a group of kids who need to get some wiggles out? It's time for a dance party. Clear the room of any breakables, push the furniture to the walls, and get out the glow sticks. Play some of your child's favorite energetic tunes, turn the lights down, and get to dancing. Make the evening extra special with a DIY disco ball or a bubble machine. You'll have some happy kids who (hopefully) will be properly tuckered out once bedtime comes around.

- Breakfast Bar: The slumber party fun shouldn't end when everyone falls asleep. Make breakfast just as memorable as the night before by setting up a breakfast bar. Waffles are a big hit among the younger crowd. Put out different toppings (like whipped cream, maple syrup, or fruit) and let them loose to build their perfect waffle. A virgin mimosa bar can be a lot of fun for tween guests: try mixing different fruit juices with seltzer for a fizzy breakfast treat. 

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