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Super Bowl Party Playbook

The Super Bowl is an American spectator tradition akin to the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve in Times Square and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade except with funnier commercials and more head injuries. When it comes to hosting the big game, here are a few things to consider that will ensure everyone has a great time.


The Food- Like with most parties, the cuisine is crucial. Generally, Super Bowl party menus are comprised of snack foods like dips and meat and cheese trays. Heartier options like pulled pork sandwiches or wings are also welcome. The focus should be on making finger foods that can be snacked on throughout the game that usually lasts around 4 hours. 


The Drinks- Beer and football may be as classic a duo since PB&J, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide a couple options. Having a bottle or two of wine on hand or asking your guests to bring their drink of choice ensures that everyone will get what they like. Be sure to serve those drinks in your Cruvina unbreakable glasses in case of unnecessary roughness.

Serving soft drinks, lemonade, or tea is an affordable way to consider the real heroes; the designated drivers.


Seating- Having a place for everyone to settle into for the length of the game is important. This can be a challenge, especially if you are working with a smaller space and a lot of people. Unlike other parties, most people will want to be in the same room and facing the television. You can plan ahead by setting up folding chairs and/or making comfy spots on the floor with cushions so all of your guests will be able to comfortably watch the game. 


Entertainment- While this seems like a no-brainer since the point of the gathering is to watch the biggest game of the year, it never fails that at least a couple of people are not football fans. These guests will most likely lose interest in the game before too long and start to get bored. Having a separate area of your home set up for people to congregate is ideal. This way these guests can enjoy your delicious refreshments and socialize while the more committed fans huddle around the TV.

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