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The Top DIY Party Planning Hacks for a Smooth, Easy Event

Party planning doesn't have to be a headache. Whether you're hosting a grown-up dinner party or a gaggle of six year olds, party planning hacks can make your life much, much easier. Give some of these creative workarounds a try for your next get together.

Go Digital: There's a lot of planning that goes into even the smallest of events. Make it easier by taking advantage of digital tools. Send electronic invitations instead of paper ones to streamline the RSVP process. Shop online for exactly the decor you're looking for instead of wasting energy pounding the pavement. You can even use checklist and productivity apps to help you keep your other party planning tasks straight. Get creative with technology and you'll have more energy when your event arrives.

Embrace the Food Bar: Creating the perfect menu takes considerable time and effort. Make life easy on yourself by having your guests do the work! Set up a food bar and let your guests decide what they'd like for their snack or meal. Taco tables, baked potato bars, charcuterie boards, sandwich stations… the only limits are your imagination. Use the same process to hack your dessert and drink preparation to save additional time and effort.

Use What You've Got: Instead of designing a party theme from scratch, take a look at what you have already and go from there. Reuse plates, cups, and napkins from your last event. Pull out decor from the bridal shower you hosted last year. Repurpose the bowl of fruit sitting on your counter. The more you reuse, the more money and energy you'll have in other areas.

Keep Messes to a Minimum: Who wants to spend time cleaning up broken glasses or tipped over drinks? Invest in shatterproof cups to keep party messes to a minimum. High quality cups are heavy and have a stable base, making them more difficult to spill. And if one does happen to get knocked over, they won't leave dangerous shards behind.

Say "Yes" to Offers: For many of us it's instinctive to politely decline offers of help. Push back against the urge to say no. When someone asks "what can I bring," tell them! Delegate side dishes for dinner parties. Get help with desserts or games if you're entertaining kids. Save on alcohol costs and ensure your guests have access to what they want by throwing a BYOB event. People want to help, and they'll be more invested in a party they helped put together. You'll have less on your plate, making it easier to actually enjoy your event. It's a win for everyone involved.

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