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Shatterproof and Odor Resistant Plastic Wine Glasses

Cruvina, providers of shatterproof plastic glasses, announces that their cocktail tumblers are odor-resistant.

Nothing spoils the enjoyment of a cocktail more than drinking it out of a glass with a musty, stinky smell. To be able to experience the distinct aromatic qualities of a cocktail, it must be served in a glass that doesn’t hold odors from any drink that was previously served in it or smells old. Traditionally this would have been a crystal lead glass or regular glass.

“Nowadays there are many occasions where it is more safe and cost-efficient to serve drinks in plastic glasses,” says Cruvina Co-Founder Erin Moore. “When we developed our reusable cocktail tumblers, we researched the highest-quality plastic and found Tritan. Tritan plastic has so many good qualities, one of which is that it is odor-resistant.”

Tritan plastic is a high-quality, food-grade, BPA-free polymer made by Eastman. This plastic was specially developed to be scratch-resistant. Because there are no scratches, no particles get trapped in scratch grooves. So no bacteria grows. This is important because it is the bacteria that causes the off-putting odor. With gentle washing, Tritan plastic glasses can be used repeatedly to serve a variety of different kinds of cocktails. Each time only the aroma of the drink in the glass will be present.

Guests may mistake the plastic cocktail glasses for real glass because they are seamless and clear. They retain their clarity and shine through repeated use and can stand up to being washed in the top rack of the dishwasher. The glasses are also designed with anti-tipping technology and a comfort spill-guard rim, so the risk of spills and broken glass is reduced. This allows for stress-free entertaining in any setting, from a formal indoor cocktail party to a leisurely boat ride with friends.

Ms. Moore adds, “The other wonderful thing about these glasses is that they are tough enough to stand up to rough handling by children. They won’t break or scratch despite being dropped. So you can use the same tumblers for your own cocktail or to serve juice at your child’s birthday party. They are just so versatile.”

The Cruvina Cocktail Tumbler Set consists of four 14-ounce cocktail glasses. It is available on Amazon and comes with a full 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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