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What Your Kids Really Want from Their Birthday Party

Depending on your point of view, planning your child's birthday party can be a total blast... or a total nightmare. Whether your enthusiasm is high or low, there are a few things that all kids want out of their party. When you focus in on the basics, you can let go of some of the less important details. Here are the five things every kid really wants out of their birthday party.

They Want To Be Involved: It's your child's party, right? So why shouldn't they be involved with planning it? Resist the urge to make Pinterest your planning focus. Instead, let your kids be your guide. Ask them what they want from a party. Do they want a theme? Do they want to have it at home? If you're able, are they interested in going someplace else? What kind of food do they want? Who do they want to invite? While it may not be reasonable (or possible) to fulfill all their requests, pay attention to the spirit of what they say and do your best to honor their wishes.

They Want to Be Comfortable: Some kids like a big party with lots going on. Some kids are more comfortable with just a few friends around. It's easy to get caught up in planning and keeping up with what other parents are doing. Take some time to evaluate if the party you're planning is one your child will truly be comfortable with. If it looks like your plans may be too restrained or extravagant for your child's personality, make some changes.

They Want to Try Something New: A child's birthday is the ultimate break from routine. Make it a truly special day by trying something new. This can be as simple as a backyard water balloon fight or as complex as a trip to a nearby amusement park. Make it low key or exciting, just make it different.

They Want Something Delicious: Don't we all? But what says "delicious" to you may say "gross" to your kids. Again, this is a time to put Pinterest aside and ask your child what they want. Don't be surprised if the answer is pizza and cake. While calling for delivery might not be as impressive as cooking a three course dinner, it will definitely leave you with fewer dishes.

They Want to Spend Time With You: What your child wants most of all on their birthday is you. Your time, your enthusiasm, and your undivided attention. As you plan your child's party, think of ways you can reduce distractions during your child's birthday. Maybe you set out decorations the night before. Maybe you invest in unbreakable cups (very helpful when dealing with accident-prone children). Maybe you take some of that precious pre-party organizing time to spend some special time with the guest of honor. Enjoy the day together and leave the stress behind: your birthday boy or girl is going to have the time of their life!

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