Wine Glasses - Set of 4
Wine Glasses - Set of 4
Wine Glasses - Set of 4
Wine Glasses - Set of 4
Wine Glasses - Set of 4

Wine Glasses - Set of 4

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  • WINE WITHOUT WORRY: Never let broken glass ruin your party again. Our unbreakable wine glasses let you enjoy the best of what life has to offer (good food, great friends, and amazing wine) without losing a sip. Each shatterproof wine glass is crystal clear, BPA-free, and completely reusable. They're the perfect choice for stress-free entertaining.
  • EASY ELEGANCE: Our stemless shatterproof wine glasses are at home at any gathering, from casual get-togethers to elegant cocktail parties. The secret is their high quality, food grade, BPA-free polymer. Each glass is crystal-clear, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant, giving you the perfect sip every time. Our cups stay so clear after years of repeated use that your guests may even mistake them for glass.
  • SAFE FOR ANY OCCASION: If you wince when you pass out crystal glasses at outdoor occasions or when your kids are around, you'll love the difference that Tritan plastic can make. No matter where your party takes you, our glasses are impervious to mishaps. Take them out next to the pool, hand them to the kids, or set them on the table at your next dinner party. Designed with anti-tipping technology and a comfort spill-guard rim, they're safe for anyone, with any cold drink, at any time.
  • DESIGNED FOR DURABILITY: Don't get burned by cheap, flimsy, disposable glasses. Cruvina cups are designed to last. Made with high quality materials, they easily stand up to years of drinking, washing, and reusing. And because they're odor and stain resistant, they'll look just as great the 100th time you use them as they did the 1st.
  • OUR GUARANTEE: We take our commitment to stress-free entertaining seriously. In fact, we guarantee it. Give our unbreakable wine glasses a try. If you're not happy with their performance, let us know within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.


Nothing spoils the mood of a great party like the sound of shattering glass. If you're tired of mopping up spills and sweeping away shards,
it's time to make the switch to Cruvina unbreakable wine glasses.

Designed for durability and made from food grade, BPA-free materials, our shatterproof wine glasses are the perfect choice for stress-free 
entertaining. Their anti-tipping technology and comfort spill-guard rim means they're safe to use for any guest in any circumstance. Unlike many 
other plastic-based cups, our glasses are extremely durable - never waste time and money on flimsy cups again. Whether you're hosting indoors 
or out, serving wine, champagne, juice, or the perfect margarita, our glasses stay clear, easy to hold, and completely shatter-free.

Each box comes with four glasses, and each glass is completely reusable. Because they're resistant to stains and odors, they'll stay clear 
and clean for party after party. Use them when you want to create a safer environment for your children, friends, and pets, or any time you want 
the comfort of knowing you won't have to worry about broken glass.

If you're ready to see the difference shatterproof cups can make in your next party, add our wine glasses to your cart today. You'll be blown 
away by their quality, durability, and simplicity. In fact, we guarantee it. If you're not happy with your glasses, let us know for a full refund.