The Products

The selection of the right wine glass for a particular wine style has been debated over the years. There actually is no scientific study or result that shows whether the shape of a wine glass can have a impact on a wine’s consumption. People speak of the “Bordeaux Glass”, “Burgundy Glass”, “Champagne Flute”, etc., all having different specs to ‘help’ accumulate aromas, direct the wine to the back of the mouth or even more specifically to the tip of the tongue. To be blunt, there is no exact science to all this and so why worry about all that fluff. Let’s put some attention on what really matters. And so we started surveying ourselves and friends to see what really mattered to the everyday person that loves a nice glass of vino. So what came of this survey?

It was so simple and of course just plain common sense. People like to have a glass that has a nice weight and design and is just plain comfortable in the hand and to the mouth. That is exactly what we have done with our plastic wine glasses, while of course adding the aspect that they will not break. So there you go, unique wine glasses that are great for any setting, whether at home with your spouse or at a party with friends.


"I bought these to have a quality set of lightweight glasses for camping. They've held up great even after being crammed into a backpack, dropped onto rocks and blown across the ground. While being constructed from plastic might elude to a lack of quality and durability, my experience has been quite the contrary. And best of all they look identical to real wine glasses." — MK


These beautiful glasses are great as a wine gift and are perfect to replace your normal glassware for party glasses. They carry the appeal of a classic wine glass, yet are shatterproof and so great for children and pets.

Enjoy your wine without worry. Eat. Laugh. Wine.